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Arti Cube


70 SQ.FT


San Po Kong



Scope of Work

Design & Build


小型辦公室 模組式傢俬設計項目

Modular furniture system: Mini-Office furniture solution


透過利用高樓底的優勢,以及靈活高的模組化組合傢俬,滿足運作要求(至少安置兩至三個員工以及需要有大型儲物空間放置打印機及陳列品) 。所以我們利用 Arti Cube 疊成樓梯連接上下層,添加上層工作空間 ,同時樓梯本身亦都可以儲物及接駁燈具。另外 Arti Cube 能夠重新編排組合方法, 配合業務需要求及日後場地的變化。即使日後搬辦公室,可以重新組裝減少浪費。

By utilizing the advantage of high ceiling height and flexible modular furniture, we can meet operational requirements, such as accommodating at least two to three employees and providing large storage space for printers and display items. Therefore, we use Arti Cubes to stack and create stairs to connect the upper and lower levels, adding a workspace on the upper level. The stairs themselves can also serve as storage and accommodate lighting fixtures. Additionally, Arti Cubes can be rearranged and reconfigured to accommodate business needs and future changes in the space. Even if the office needs to be relocated in the future, the cubes can be disassembled and reassembled to minimize waste.

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