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800 SQ.FT


Central, Hong Kong



Scope of Work

Design & Build


Located in a bustling commercial building in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong, the interior design of this physiotherapy center is primarily characterized by a minimalist and modern style, incorporating the brand's primary color scheme of Pine Ridge Green. This choice of green not only aligns with the concepts of natural therapy and health but also creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere for patients.

The entire interior design is characterized by iconic linear shapes, which not only add personality and distinctiveness to the space but also provide patients with a unique therapeutic experience. This innovative design concept redefines the spatial layout and design of traditional clinics, offering patients a distinctive and comfortable healing environment.

Within the constraints of limited space with 800 sq.ft , the store has been cleverly divided into different areas to provide a comfortable and convenient treatment experience. The waiting area is designed to be warm and inviting, offering patients a place to relax and wait. The treatment zones, through thoughtful layout and material selection, create a sense of professionalism and modernity. Here, patients can receive treatment in a soothing environment that promotes physical and mental balance and facilitates their recovery.

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