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Kidult Sports


6000 SQ.FT


Sheung Wan



Scope of Work

Design & Build


Kidult sports 旗艦店位於上環甲級商業中心高層, 佔地6000尺,分為上下兩層垂直式運作管理。上層為設有健身區域,瑜伽空間,物理治療中心,更衣沐浴區。下層為有蓋兒童籃球場及體能訓練中心。是一個以兒童球類訓練及教育為主導, 結合成人健身及復康療程的高端運動中心。該項目用家年齡層非常廣闊,涵蓋小童至中年人士 。而且為了配合品牌的旗艦店形象,風格造型上需要顯得專業但又希望保持兒童訓練場充滿活力的空間感。 所以在設計上需要為這多元化而具標誌性的健身中心營造專屬的運動教育,健身及復康體驗.

Kidult Sports Academy flagship is a holistic sports complex situated in the heart of business district of Hong Kong. Spanning an impressive 6,000 square feet, this facility offers a wide range of amenities and activities for both children and adults.

The design and renovation project poses some distinct challenges that need to be addressed. Firstly, it is crucial to accurately define and establish the flagship store's unique style, ensuring it embodies the brand's identity while also appealing to a huge diverse range of age groups. Secondly, careful consideration must be given to the efficient allocation and distribution of space and facilities within the project, as it is situated in a duplex unit within a commercial building. By effectively addressing these challenges, we can create a truly exceptional and functional space for our customers.
In terms of spatial organization, the complex is divided into two levels, each with its own distinct purpose, and managed under a vertical operational management system. The upper level is dedicated to fitness activities and includes a fitness area, yoga zone, physiotherapy treatment room, and resting activities. On the lower level, you'll find a covered children's basketball court and a kid training center.

Given the diverse range of users for this project, which includes young children to middle-aged adults, it is essential to create a design that aligns with the flagship store's image. The style and design should strike a balance between professionalism and a vibrant, energetic atmosphere, particularly in the children's training area. By incorporating elements such as wood grain flooring, cement board surfaces, a forest green color palette as brand signature colour, and optimizing natural and soft lighting, the fitness complex can exude a sense of natural strength and vitality. This design approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also creates a welcoming environment that inspires individuals to embark on their fitness journey with enthusiasm and determination.

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