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350 SQ.FT


Cheung Sha Wan



Scope of Work

Design & Build


這是一個以兒童成長為重點的小型住宅設計項目。香港寸金尺土, 香港人越住越細, 活動空間相應減少. 但兒童是未來社會的棟樑, 亦是家的重要角色,帶給他們一個愉快的童年生活, 是該項目的設計初心。小小兒家 是兒童成長過程中,擔當了舉足輕重的角色:協助認知新事物,重新理解空間間隔 ,新穎的物料配搭,靈活的收納傢俱,可持續發展理念 及家居安全設計。 這些設計元素再參考了客人以往的居所,現在的生活模式,以及考慮到未來的家庭計劃,結合成一個新世代小型住宅設計。藉此好好反思小型家居設計在現今社會的角色及對個人成長的影響.

This is a small-scale residential design project with a focus on children's growth. In Hong Kong, where land is scarce, living spaces have become increasingly compact. However, children are the future pillars of society and play an important role in the family. Providing them with a joyful childhood is the initial aspiration of this project's design. "Little Home" plays a crucial role in children's growth process by assisting in their cognitive development, redefining spatial boundaries, incorporating novel material combinations, flexible storage furniture, sustainable development concepts, and home safety designs. These design elements, combined with references to the client's previous residences, current lifestyle patterns, and considerations for future family plans, create a new generation of small-scale residential design. Through this, we can reflect on the role of small home design in today's society and its impact on personal growth.

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