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Amica Beauty


1000 SQ.FT





Scope of Work

Design & Build


Amica Beauty 位於佐敦商業大廈佔地1000呎。設計靈感源於品牌名稱 Amica 在意大利語言中的含意: 象徵朋友,友誼,關愛的體現 。設計上刻意與傳統金碧輝煌的美容院風格做對比,以親民優雅的設計為客人樓下舒適的印象。


The design inspiration stems from the brand name "Amica" which embodies the concepts of friendship, companionship, and care in the Italian language, aiming to create a comfortable impression for customers with a welcoming and elegant design. It stands in stark contrast to the surrounding concrete jungle-like environment of Hong Kong.


A prominent element in the space is the continuous wood grain pattern, which brings a natural and flowing visual effect to the entire setting. This cohesive design element is manifested in the walls, ceilings, furniture, and flooring, creating a unified and harmonious ambiance. The use of lighting is also a key aspect of the design. Soft illumination fosters a cozy and relaxing atmosphere while accentuating focal areas and design details within the space. Additionally, the incorporation of natural stone wall lights adds a touch of nature, creating a warm and gentle lighting effect. In terms of material selection, the designer opts for textured Japanese-style wall coverings with a leather-like pattern. This material not only provides visual comfort but also enhances the warmth and coziness of the space. The inclusion of herbal plants injects a natural element into the environment while promoting a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

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