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The Mochiffon Cake K11


50 SQ.FT


K11 Art Mall



Scope of Work

Design & Build


The Mochiffon Cake 全新popup store 位於尖沙咀K11 art mall 佔地大約50呎。為迎合品牌全新形象,本設計風格採用了該品牌標誌性的珊瑚色,結合流線型的造型及連綿的燈光效果。考慮到Pop up Store 在營業上比較短期,而且有機會經常搬遷,在模組組合上加入了環保概念。整個店舖都可以拆裝重複使用,既能減輕製作經費又可以舒緩碳排放。

The new popup store of The Mochiffon Cake is located in K11 Art Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, occupying approximately 50 square feet. To cater to the brand's new image, the design style adopts the brand's iconic coral color, combined with streamlined shapes and continuous lighting effects. Considering that pop-up stores have a shorter operating period and the opportunity for frequent relocation, environmental concepts are incorporated into the modular composition. The entire store can be disassembled, reused, reducing production costs, and alleviating carbon emissions.

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